How to Write a Dedication in a Book?

Writing a book can be overwhelming. And that’s why in most cases, you have to find inspiration to keep going. As a result, you will have to write a dedication once you complete writing your book.

It’s always good to thank all those or anything that helped you complete a book writing project. I will guide you through writing a perfect dedication in a book. A design that will let the dedicated people feel good about it.

What is Dedication in a Book?

If you express gratitude to anyone who motivated you during your book writing project, I would say that to be a book dedication.

Although book dedication is usually among the last to write, it fits in the first book pages, right after the book titles page.

A book dedication doesn’t have to be that long. Some authors write a few sentences, while others write one page. But that doesn’t make much difference. The most important thing is to pass gratitude to mission helpers.

Factors to Consider Before You Write a Dedication in a Book

Before you write a book dedication, there are factors that you should consider first.

Do you have to include a dedication in your book?

Some authors do not even include a dedication in their writings. It’s not that they have nothing to write in a book dedication, but they may get overwhelmed on who to put in there. Therefore, they choose to leave it instead of stressing themselves out.

Do you have a list in your mind?

This question is crucial to ask yourself whenever you want to write a dedication in a book. I recommend that you only include whoever helped you during your book project.

By doing so, you will reduce the pressure of putting a long list in your dedication. Therefore, focus on the things that were your motivation while on your writing project.

What’s the main reason for writing a book dedication

Maybe you could have something or someone you want to thank the most, and the only way to do it is through a book dedication. It doesn’t have to be an individual you write in your book dedication. You can also choose something that motivates you, like reading other books.

Did any person ask you to include them in your book dedication?

Of course, some people could even pay you to include them in your book dedication. Therefore, if that’s the case, you can feature them in your commitment in the book.

Who/What Can You include in a Dedication in a Book?

  • It can be your parents or other close family members who could have chipped in supporting your book writing project.
  • Body exercise. Let’s say you like to do a morning exercise routine before starting your day. And that could be your source of energy while you embark on your writings.
  • A particular drink could be a source of energy or motivation during your writing project.
  • You can as well dedicate your book to your readers. Then, the reader will feel good when they find that the book is entirely for them.
  • You can also commit your book to inspirations that make you feel good.

How do You Write a Dedication to a Book?

Now that you have known more about book dedications, I will take you through how you will start to write your book dedication.

First, relax

Before you can take any step towards writing a book dedication, I recommend you relax. Don’t take anything with haste. And as a result, you will think straight about what exactly has helped you in your book.

Remember that once you publish your book, you will have exposed your thoughts to a considerable scope of readers. Therefore, your dedication to the text should be more precise and direct to the point. That’s why you should first relax and think first.

Write down a list

After relaxing, it’s time to write down a list of things or people who have been of good help during your book writing project. Once you write the list, you can also write about how anyone has helped you in the project.

And the list will help you figure out the inspiration you will prioritize in your dedication. Of course, you don’t have to write everything in your commitment since it’s usually short. Therefore, choose the inspirations that directly impacted your book writing project.

Make your dedication short.

Of course, you don’t have to write about everyone or everything that contributed to the book’s success. You will only find the high-priority source of inspiration if you don’t want to get stranded. And as a result, that will save you from unnecessary pressure and anxiety.

It’s important to mention the reader of the book.

Indeed, you write a book to get people to read and understand it. Therefore, ensure that you mention the ideal reader in your book, and they will feel honored.

For instance, you can say that you dedicate the book to whoever reads it, which will be an excellent way to pass it to the reader. As a result, the reader will also feel that they should go ahead and read the book since they are part of it.

Express true feelings, not fluff

When writing a dedication in a book, ensure that your words talk directly to the person you are dedicating the book to them. Remember, it’s time to express your feelings towards that individual, task, or item.

Therefore, use the chance wisely. And that will help you to achieve your goal towards the person you are dedicating your book to them.

The Bottom Line

A book’s dedication is usually the next page after the title page. Remember that once you write a dedication in a book, you want everyone to see and maybe feel how you value the person.

In addition, ensure that whoever you dedicate the book to has the chance to see and read the book. And that will be the best show of gratitude ever.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.