How to Write a Book Introduction

If a book introduction is good enough to hook a reader, then they will stay, and maybe they’ll read the book to the end.

In contrast, if the book introduction doesn’t catch the reader’s attention, it will discourage them from reading.

Books require a catchy introduction. Whatever book you read, the opening is essential in making known the pinpoints of the book.

A book introduction could mean the success or failure of the plan you have when writing the book in the first place.

Therefore, you have to be careful while doing it. After writing a catchy title, a book introduction is the first thing you should start writing.

Why should you write a book introduction?

It’s a way to hook your reader.

The book introduction should show the reader that they will get what the book title has promised. Remember that the book title is the gateway that the reader gets in through.

Therefore, they should get what’s in the topic and show them in the book introduction.

You show the reader what they’ll get in the book.

Like I said earlier, you have to tell the reader what they should expect to gain from reading the book. In addition, the introduction also shows them that the book topic is worth diving into.

For example, let’s say that your book has the title of The Best ways to Gain Financial Freedom. If the introduction has nothing to do with financial freedom, then that will be a red flag to the reader. And as a result, they will feel disappointed.

A book introduction allows you to speak directly to the reader.

In most cases, you can visualize a problem with someone looking for the book title. That would mean that they need answers to the multiple questions in their minds.

The readers will feel great when you answer their questions right in your book introduction. And that will persuade them to read more.

Let the reader understand the main aim of the book.

After reading it, a book introduction will let the reader know what you need them to gain. Of course, no reader would read a book they know they have nothing to gain.

The readers are always after a specific benefit whenever they buy a book to read, or even if it’s a free book. So they cannot waste their time on useless books.

Therefore, use the book production to show them that they will get their hearts desires in the end.

How do you write your book introduction?

Write down a book outline.

A book outline helps craft your introduction. Otherwise, how will you start the introduction if you don’t know what it entails?

A book outline should consist of all the chapters, scenes, characters, settings, and plots that you will include in the body of the book. And that will guide you when writing the book summary. But, of course, the reader would like to know what is in the book before reading.

An outline will guide you while writing the introduction and the rest of the book. Therefore you should write it in a notebook and not where you intend to start your book writing.

The main aim of the book

Of course, this is what the reader is looking for in the book. Remember, you have minimal time to make the reader continue reading your book. And if you write it in the wrong way, you will lose.

For instance, if you write about the best exercise to help you but weigh in 30 days, you must assure the reader. Remember that the topic hooked them to your book, and they will expect actual results.

In addition, ensure that the topic is not luring them to a different story because they may even block all your publications. It’s good to be straightforward, which saves you any intimidation from the readers.

A story reflecting the reader’s situation

I know that most writers write books inspired by their current life situations. And it’s no surprise to find that a reader has similar conditions. Therefore, you can tell a story about your experience, and you may as well have touched the reader’s heart.

Since it’s a true story of yourself, the reader will feel to be part of the book, which will persuade them to stay longer in the reading.

Sometimes back, a book that I usually read changed my life. I was broke, yet I was working at a particular company. But I guess that ended after I came across the Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges.

The book explains why building more income streams is essential, which helped me. I have changed my mindset since then. So, I’m saying that books can impact lives if you write them in the desired manner.

In addition, ensure that you show the reader that they will find a solution to their problem. And by doing so, you would have hooked them.

It will help if you put it in a way that reflects the reader’s pain or any emotional feeling at the moment. And you can only capture the reader’s attention through the book introduction.

True analysis

Depending on the type of book you are writing, you should show the reader attainable figures or even possible results that you have achieved.

For instance, let’s say you are writing about 100 ways to earn money online; you must be making money online to be authentic in your book. Otherwise, how will you know the steps if you have not proven them?

Therefore, you should show the reader that you have benefited from the same story or criterion you are sharing. You can as well provide valid evidence that will convince the reader more. And that way, you have your reader.

What are the benefits?

Have you benefited from the information you are going to share? If yes, you are on the safe side. But if your answer is no, you might have a challenge in hooking the readers to your book.

I know that positive results will always give you confidence when writing about anything in the world. Therefore, you should show the reader that you know and understand what you write in the book.

When expressing your benefits, you should also insinuate that the reader could benefit the same way or at a more significant pace. And as a result, the reader will even be more hooked if they need results.

Say a short story about yourself.

Everyone likes to know their writer, that’s why you should ensure that you write something about yourself. Then, who knows, you could get someone who wants to hire a book writer like you.

However, don’t write too much about yourself. But that will depend on the kind of book you are writing. If you have a story that reflects the book’s topic, it will sound good to be part of the introduction. And as a result, the reader will know that they are somehow dealing with a true story and attainable goals.

In addition, a short story about yourself will bring a new identity to those who don’t know you personally. Therefore, once your published books reach more audiences, it will be fast to get known globally. And who doesn’t like that, anyway?

What inspired you to write the book?

I know about books that have a thought origin. Whatever you put on paper always comes from your subconscious mind. And that means you had thought much about the book before you put it down in writing.

For instance, If you need to write about the best ways to keep your marriage, you must be inspired by so many broken marriages in the streets. And a thought comes to you that you can salvage some marriages if you write that kind of a book.

Therefore, you can write your introduction about what could be causing many marriages to break down. So, you can say something that directly impacts the reader, like miscommunication, for example. Then, if the reader sees their problem right in the book introduction, they will be compelled to read to find the solution.

Let the reader understand that you are writing the book to help and not intimidate anyone. That way, the readers will end up liking your book.

Final Remarks

A book introduction is a critical part of your book. Therefore, ensure that you follow the guideline I have given you, and you will succeed in getting the reader’s attention.

Remember that you will always have a few seconds to ensure that readers read your publication. Therefore, the introduction should also rhyme with your book title and the body of the book.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.