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Use AI to create your next script

Squibler's Editor mode leverages AI to streamline your scriptwriting process. Use it to expand a section of your script, describe it based on senses, rewrite it to add more inner conflict, and even create images for your script.

Visualize and rearrange scenes all in one screen

Take advantage of Squibler’s Corkboard mode to drag and drop scenes, create new ones, analyze existing scripts, and visualize your script's entire layout.

Track the progress of your script

Squibler's List View is your go-to dashboard for managing your script. You can keep tabs on scene progression, deadlines, priorities, word count, and scene summaries all in one convenient location.

More than just an AI script generator

Squibler isn’t just another AI script generator - it's an all-encompassing solution to challenges common to every scriptwriter. Every feature you need to generate high-quality content in one place.
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AI-Powered Scriptwriting. Harness our robust AI scriptwriting tools to generate innovative script ideas, streamline character development, overcome writer's block, and accelerate your scriptwriting process. Our AI assistant is built by scriptwriters, for scriptwriters.

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Patricia S. Adventure Screenplay Writer

I love the fact that I can view all the details to my characters and settings without opening another document.

Amelia B. Romance Author

The best design I found for an editor that balances simplicity with the ability to get the work done.

Jonathan F. Fantasy Author

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Frequently asked questions.

Do you have questions before you get started? Check out our FAQ below.
What makes Squibler's AI scriptwriter software stand out?
Squibler's AI scriptwriter is a specialized tool unlike any other. We've developed features that adapt to the needs of scriptwriters, enabling an enhanced creative writing process and a fully customized scriptwriting experience. From plot development to character creation, our software aids in all aspects, helping transform your story ideas into a compelling script.
How does Squibler compare to other AI writing software options like ChatGPT, SassbookAI, etc.?
Squibler offers a comprehensive, intuitive environment designed specifically for scriptwriters. Unlike general AI script writers, Squibler's AI is meant for writing stories. It includes features for goal-setting, progress tracking, collaboration, and AI-assisted writing, all within a user-friendly interface, ensuring a distraction-free scriptwriting environment of the highest quality.
What should I know before using an AI script writer?
Remember that AI tools are meant to enhance your creativity, not replace it. It's essential to familiarize yourself with the software's functionalities and understand how to direct the AI to generate scripts. While Squibler's AI script writer simplifies the scriptwriting process, your ideas and writing skills remain integral to the process.
Is Squibler's AI script writer free?
Yes, Squibler offers a free version that provides 4000 AI words per month. For unlimited AI words, we offer a premium version at $16/month when billed annually.
What kind of scripts can I generate with Squibler?
Squibler's AI script writer is versatile and built to aid in crafting compelling video scripts for diverse genres and formats. Whether you're writing for a drama series, a comedic short, a feature film, a documentary, or even a YouTube video, Squibler's AI-powered tool can streamline the scriptwriting process and elevate the quality of your work. It can also be integrated with video editing processes to ensure a seamless transition from video script to screen.
How can Squibler help me become a better scriptwriter?
Squibler provides an all-in-one solution to elevate your scriptwriting skills. Our AI script writer not only assists in organizing your script and developing characters but also helps you write grammatically correct sentences. The software offers suggestions for corrections and improvements as you write, reinforcing your understanding of grammar and sentence construction while maintaining your unique writing style.

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